How to recycle.

Our packaging is a mono-material which is the national sustainability standard set for soft plastic recycling.

As the recycling industry works towards new collection systems for soft plastics, there are different methods across each council. Click below to see which solutions are available in your local council.

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What is mono-material?

Basically it means it's constructed from one single type of plastic instead of multiple layers that would otherwise make it nearly impossible to recycle. In fact, only 10.7% of multiple layer flexible plastics are recovered Australia. Mono-plastics would increase the recovery rate, decreasing the amount of plastics that end up in landfill.

We* want to be a part of the change.

By using a viable alternative to the difficult to recycle multi-material product that is still dominating the shelves. The challenge is finding a material that adheres to the high barrier and shelf life requirements for food packaging, but through much research we landed on one of the most advanced materials constructed from a single type of plastic which means that it can be recycled back into a high value product with multiple uses.