How to recycle.

Drop your empty We* the many bag into the soft plastics recycling bin at your local store to ensure it can get reused. Click below to find the nearest drop-off point.

Recycle Now

What is mono-material?

Basically it means it's constructed from one single type of plastic instead of multiple layers that would otherwise make it nearly impossible to recycle. In fact, only 10.7% of multiple layer flexible plastics are recovered Australia. Mono-plastics would increase the recovery rate, decreasing the amount of plastics that end up in landfill.

We* want to be a part of the change.

By using a viable alternative to the difficult to recycle multi-material product that is still dominating the shelves. The challenge is finding a material that adheres to the high barrier and shelf life requirements for food packaging, but through much research we landed on one of the most advanced materials constructed from a single type of plastic which means that it can be recycled back into a high value product with multiple uses.