• Australian owned & made in Byron Bay

    We* the many went from an idea to reality when Byron Bay locals the Brook family, owners of Brookfarm and Cape Byron Distillery, came together with founders of Stone & Wood – Brad & Jamie.

    We were having a coffee with Jamie and the We* concept came up... He was immediately engaged with the concept and the rest is history.

    All products are developed by Pam Brook in the family kitchen, and produced locally in the Northern Rivers.

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  • Climate-first business model with growing impact

    Our business model is different to any other — but we'd be pumped if more people adopted it! Instead of making a one-off donation to the environment, We* are investing our profits into climate action projects — so the bigger our business grows, the bigger our investments will grow.

    But that's not even the coolest part... 50% of the profits from our investments will be re-invested into climate action — so the potential for environmental impact just keeps growing.

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We're making it easy for you to have an impact on climate change by simply eating your breakfast

  • Investing in carbon reduction projects

    We* integrate investing and business together, setting clear goals on our investments that they have longstanding positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon from the atmosphere. We invest in project like these:

    • Green bonds
    • Solar farms
    • Regenerative farming
    • Recycling innovation
    • Climate start-up accelerators
  • Carbon neutral is our thing

    All of our products are Certified Carbon Neutral through NoCO2 - and they will be forever! We're able to achieve this by ensuring we're carbon conscious all day, every day - from choosing suppliers, buying local, our solar-powered facilities, and sustainable processes.

  • Real food that sustains health

    We* believe that the nutrients your body needs should come from delicious great tasting real food.

    Each blend has been created by co-founder Pam Brook of Brookfarm muesli fame and produced locally in Byron Bay.

    • All-natural ingredients
    • Preservative & additive free
    • Non-GMO
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  • Scientifically proven functional ingredients

    We* select scientifically proven functional ingredients to optimise personal health.

    • Beetroot – antioxidant & energise
    • Turmeric – recovery & anti-inflammatory
    • Banana starch – prebiotic gut health
    • Australian wholegrains – fibre & protein

    We* are committed to sourcing from sustainable Australian farmers.

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  • Education & Community

    Education and community are so important to what we do here, and we were so proud to host our first We* Gathering at the Byron Bay Community Centre in 2020.

    With four of Australia's leading climate change thinkers, the night was all about how we can mobilise change, redefine the future, and respect our past.

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