Are you certified carbon neutral?

Yep, we sure are! All of our products have been certified carbon neutral through NoCO2.

How do you create your products to be carbon neutral?

Well, we start by ensuring that we are carbon efficient at every step of the process - from our suppliers and buying local where possible, through to our solar powered manufacturing facility and our sustainable processes. Additionally, we purchase internationally recognised offsets to achieve our carbon neutral certification.

Do you offset the carbon created from your shipping?

Absolutely! We* are committed to being a fully carbon neutral company and will be offsetting the carbon emissions from all of our shipments, both domestically and internationally.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our products stay fresh and delicious for their entire shelf life of 12 months - and that's without any nasty preservatives!

What do you mean by a circular financial model?

This is the super cool part! We* are committed to investing 50% of ALL profits into climate action projects. This includes the profits from the sale of our products, and also from our climate action investments. So the better that our investments perform, the more we can invest into future projects – and that’s why it’s so important for us to choose the right businesses/projects that are sustainable both environmentally and financially.

Where do the other 50% of profits go?

Well, they go straight back into the running of the business! This includes everything from purchasing our premium ingredients, making the product, shipping it on to you, plus all of the boring parts like having something to sit on, computers to be typing this out, internet to upload it and pens & paper so we can take notes (or maybe doodle) during our daily meetings.