Restore Combo

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The perfect combo to improve your day-to-day performance

We, the many* LIVE Turmeric Granola is a nutritional powerhouse including an extract that is 95% curcumin; popular with athletes for recovery. The combination of golden oats, sunflower & pumpkin kernels, along with coconut, flaxseed and oat bran, provide a good source of fibre to kick start your day.

We, the many* WAKE Prebiotic Granola will feed your gut with one of nature’s best prebiotic powerhouses - green banana resistance starch. Blended with wholegrains, nuts & seeds and a little dried fig and cinnamon for natural sweetness, this delicious granola will nourish your gut, and maybe even your soul!

Both are low in sugar and vegan friendly and perfect for allowing your body to recover and restore from the inside out.
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