Energise Combo

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The perfect combo to improve your day-to-day performance

We, the many* RISE Beetroot Granola will energise your day with antioxidant rich beetroot uplifted with a sprinkle of ginger & orange, this stunning granola is grounded by a blend of sunflower & pumpkin kernels, golden oats, flaxseed, and a smattering of goji berries & currents. A good source of fibre and a digestive powerhouse.

We, the many* LIVE Turmeric Granola is a nutritional powerhouse including an extract that is 95% curcumin; popular with athletes for recovery. The combination of golden oats, sunflower & pumpkin kernels, along with coconut, flaxseed and oat bran, provide a good source of fibre to kick start your day.

Both are low in sugar and vegan friendly and will help hit peak performance 2022.
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