We* The Many

Our Story

We, the many* (We*) is a movement, a movement of people who want to put the planet-before-profit in everything they do.

We*aims to support tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs, by proving the success of a business model that put the planet’s health at the core of its business, a model which reinvests a chunk of its profits into environmental and sustainability projects, and connects its customers with these causes in a very real way.

We* believes carbon neutrality should be a standard business goal.

But We* believe in more!

We* believe we can make a bigger impact, quicker, if We* invest profits into projects that reduce carbon, which grow exponentially over time. We* believe this should be the clear ambition of all environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

We, the many* is the coming together of a group environmentally conscious families in Byron Bay, Australia. Their aim is to launch a new range of carbon neutral products that not only improve personal health of the customer, but have a lasting positive impact on the planet. Their ambition is to move the business consciousness from a focus on carbon neutrality, to a focus on carbon reduction, through investment of profits, and to all be responsible for drawing more carbon out of the environment, not just breaking even.